Murder on Peackock Street


I for inventory

ESC to skip (almost everything ;) )

Mouse for everyting else

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Game breaking Bugs: 

-Maid will freeze game if you click on her multiple times during conversation.  FIXED - Thanks to the community for the feedback and @ComicSans for pointing me right to it and @JK500 for letting me know I can fix these kind of bugs in the ludum dare.

(I promise I will make the movement a little better but I thought it would be unfair to do it before the jam ends so I uploaded the same exact game without the freezing bug.)

-Last Hidden Room has no boundary colliders so you could fall to infinity if you go wandering around the scene and yes...there is no door back....we had no time

Working on fixes now but won't be able to upload until jam is over...other bugs on bottom of page

Mystery Adventure Point and Click Game. Help Det. Truman solve the mystery of the MURDER ON PEACOCK STREET.

Created by:

Andres Urdaneta - Code, Design, Rigging and Animation
Juan Urdaneta - Modeling, Rigging, Art and Sounds

Rafael Urdaneta - Story and Character development

(Some characters did not make the cut because of the short time for the jam but check our game with updates on 


*Mr. Vernon Walton – Victim
*Detective Truman Cross – Homicide Detective, Nostra City PD
*Lauren Walton – Widow
*Ltd. Dwayne Jackson & Pete Wayne – Nostra City PD
*Clifford Osmond the III. The Butler
*Forensic Cop: Doyle Roberts
*Fermin, the Gardener - COMING AFTER JAM IS OVER
*Shirley, The Maid.
*Francois, the chef

We will be adding an update after the jam is over to finish implementing all the conversations, a few more puzzles and more content to the ending that we just did not have time to fully implement. I hope you like it. This is our first Ludum Dare.

Other bugs:

-Poison find text camera cuts off the text

-Maid text is blocked by the trees

-Cook will not show text for certain combinations of approaches to the puzzle

-Wait for interaction to finish to interact again makes the movement annoying to most - will definitely fix after jam